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E-Z Access®
Manufactured Housing
Crawlspace Door

click to access the manufactured door specifications Crawlspace Manufactured Specs

Approximate Diminsions: Frame - 26”x35”, Door Opening - 18”x24”

Attractive • Easy Installation
• Keyed Lock • Paintable

Interior Access panels also Available

E-Z Access® Crawlspace doors are designed for
use with traditional or decorative rigid skirting.

Important Notices:

  • Door should not be installed near any existing or potential heat source or open flame.
    As with any building product you should consult local building/fire codes.
  • Although ABS plastic contains some UV protection, the level of protection can be increased
    by painting. Either latex or oil base paint (most brands of spray paint) is acceptable with oil base paints being more durable.
  • In harsh environments (i.e. coastal) a monthly application of a lubricant to the lock assembly
    may prolong the life of the lock.