Diversified Plastics Industries
Plastic Access Panels, Access Doors, & Access Covers
  Diversified Plastics Industries, LLC., a manufacturer of plastic access panels and access doors was established in 1988. Located in Sand Springs, OK, Diversified Plastics products are used in new construction and maintenance of residential, commercial structures (i.e. hotels) and manufactured housing for access to plumbing, electrical, HVAC, telephone, computer projects and wall repair.  
Quick and easy, the Cover-Up requires no carpentry skills and can be installed in as little as ten minutes.

- Foundation Vent Cover

Cover-Up access panel

  Strike Guard
Wall protectors that prevents potential damage or can conceal previous damage to sheet rock from door knobs.

  E-Z Access®
New access panel that simply clips into the wall. Great for ceiling access.

- Locking Panel

New E-Z Access panel!

  E-Z Access® II
E-Z Access II is fast and easy to install, does not use hinges, clips, or springs, and the center panel is removable.

- Standard Access Panel (Photos)

- Manifold Plumbing Access Panel

E-Z Access II panel

Manifold Plumbing Access Panel


E-Z Access® Crawlspace Doors
E-Z Access Crawlspace Doors are used for foundations or skirting - won't rot or rust!

 - Traditional Housing
     > Standard Door
     > Small Frame Door
     > Insulated Small Frame Door

 - Manufactured Housing
     > Utility Access

 - Accessories
     > Screen for crawlspace door

Traditional Home crawlspace door

Manufactured home crawlspace door

  Mini Port Access Covers
New small round access cover
Mini Port Access Covers